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Playtech integrates new service in Blackjack casino

Capture decran 2014-10-20 a 09.13.16Discoverd Winner casino for play to Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in both land-based venues and over the Internet. The fact that it depends on luck but also rewards those who employ perfect strategy makes it a great choice for all sorts of casino players.

Those who play the game online on Gala casino have the advantage of being presented with numerous choices as different versions of the original have been created and some of them are even more popular than standard blackjack.

Playtech is one of the most respected software developers for online casinos and has created more than a handful of blackjack versions, with all of them being a must-have for a respected Blackjack casino. Metric Gaming's Rapid Fire Sports service has been developed and it will provide those who offer sports betting and poker services in addition to casino games with new opportunities.

Their members will benefit from better access to selected football matches and will be allowed to place wagers on specific events that were not covered before. The operators also benefit as a result of implementing this new technology, as they will have an easy time at identifying the ultimate opportunities to grow their business.

Playtech's Open Platform is widely regarded as the best in the industry, so it comes as no surprise that the latest tech is also much appreciated.

The combination between the old platform and Metric Gaming's Rapid Fire Sports makes it easier and more effective to engage with players.

There are plenty of online casinos who are powered by their software, meaning that Blackjack Casino could be just the first of many to jump on the bandwagon. The management and marketing tools are a godsend for operators and the IMS will combine all, across all products into a single package.

Playtech develops unified software platforms and has been in this line of work for 15 years, employing thousands of people.

Among those working closely with them are online operators, land-based casinos and government-sponsored lotteries. The company is fully regulated and listed on the London Stock exchange.

Tony Khatskevich, Playtech's VP Cross Products, commented: "This integration of Rapid Fire with Coral underlines the outstanding flexibility of our Open Platform and the impact it can have on a licensee's gaming offering.

It significantly enhances the level of games licensees can make available to players and underlines the position of Playtech's IMS as the industry-leading back office system."

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