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Back in the day, poker was played in shady venues and against people that were not exactly big on respecting the unwritten rules and poker at the.

The transition to online poker changed all that and those who play over the Internet today enjoy plenty of advantages and miss just a few things. Many of them have been addressed by restoring the social nature of the game, with the use of filters and chat rooms that allow players to interact with their peers on multiple levels.

The beginnings of online poker

online pokerToday when players can enjoy the game from the comfort of their home, there are not many who remember that the first games were played online two decades ago. Back in 1995 the first companies opened their doors to players, but the real expansion came in 1998 when it was possible to play for real money. Things took a turn for the better in 2001 when PokerStars and Party Poker challenged the existing establishment and competition became intense among the major operators.

The reason for why players were convinced by these poker rooms is that over the Internet they can play at any hour of day or night. The software is free and there are plenty of game format that players can choose from, ranging from tournaments and sit and goes to cash game tables. The poker software is audited by reputable companies, which ensures the fact that the games are absolutely fair and players have a decent chance at emerging victorious.

How to play poker online?

pokeronlineThere are many criteria that players should use when deciding between one poker room or the other, but the most important one is security. They need to feel safe about their money and personal information and playing over the Internet, which explains why licensed and regulated companies are recommended. Party Poker, Everest Poker and PokerStars have an excellent reputation and they also offer attractive bonuses for those who open a real money account.

Registering for online poker takes just a couple of minutes and players are provided with the option of competing for real currency or play money. The lobby is where the game selection takes place and players enjoy unlimited freedom in choosing the stakes as well as the game format. It is essential to have a coherent strategy and use bankroll management regardless of the limits you fancy, to avoid bad beats and catastrophic downswings.

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