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Gratorama Casino brings the Tycoon spirit out of players

Board games have always been popular with people of all ages, because they got them together and also ignited the spirit of competition. The rules are mostly logo gratorama fr 0easy to pick up and once you get the hang of the game, it is always a pleasure to pick your skill and luck against your friends.

Gratorama Casino as many slot machines inspired by board games, but now that the partnership with WMS is official, even more titles will be introduced.

A recent release is inspired by the monopoly game and to celebrate its introduction, the casino will award a total of €5000. The money should be easy to play by all those who enjoy this type of games and will provide even absolute beginners with the impetus to become a virtual tycoon. €5000 is not an amount to frown upon and there are far more prizes for those who compete every day, even if they don’t go all the way up to the top of the food chain.

To be more precise, 200 players will be presented with prizes worth €20 each every day and an additional 100 of them will collect branded merchandise. Monopoly Bobble Head figures are going to be offered in addition to the cash prizes, to serve as silent reminder of their success.


To be eligible for all these profits, one would have to wager real money on the aforementioned game and the limit has been set at €10.

This is pretty much all they need to do, but Gratorama Casino also expects all players to comply with the standard terms and conditions. These apply to all their campaigns and include basic stuff, such as the over 18 years old and playing from a country where online gambling is legal.

Those who abide by the rules and don’t do anything that is in his accord with these terms, will receive the money in less than 48 hours after winning the prizes.

Since these are cash prizes, the funds are not subject wagering requirements and if you choose to cash out the entire amount you can do it without penalties. Gratorama Casino has no intention to terminate the promotion early, but it still reserves the right to do so without offering any prior notice.

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