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Thousands of Euros won at Inter Casino

Inter Casino is always proud to announce the success of its members, particularly when lucky players with a lot of money. intercasinologo

Progressive jackpots are usually the ones that are mentioned in advertising news, but the less impressive prizes collected by regular players are just as important.

In November, thousands of people want three digit amounts and there were a couple of lucky members that took home jackpots that could change their lives for the better.

The Halloween celebrations were the ones that significantly increase the size of the paychecks and some of the games having you are. Given their popularity, the casino found it virtually impossible to retire them early and even extended some of the existing campaigns. Blood Suckers €200,000 Booo-nanza campaign is a shining example and it was extending the team November, while the game itself can still be played until Christmas.


There is a huge discrepancy between the amount collected by the one who wins the tournament and the player finishing in the 100th place. To put things into perspective, know that the winner will claim €20,000, while the one at the opposite end of the spectrum will have to settle for €300. Even so, the guaranteed prize pool is staggering and with €200,000 being distributed among 100 players, everyone has a good chance to win something this month.

There is no better time of the year to consolidate your bankroll than in anticipation of the winter holidays, because you will have to dig deep in your pockets. Is possible to participate in this promotion even if you were a part of the Halloween campaign, with the rules being very similar. Players are invited to go for the maximum number of tickets, so if you play on a daily basis you will be rewarded with a total of seven of them.

It goes without saying that only real money wagering qualifies players for tickets, but there is no minimum wagering requirement. After the winners are selected, they will be notified by a support team representative and then their name will be published on the website. The process is not supposed to take that long, so if you are a winner, you will know it soon and will have plenty of time to make the proper arrangements about how to spend your newfound wealth.

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